Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Let's get the Christmas season started!!!

This is so funny!!! Well, I thought so anyway!! Merry Christmas!!!!
check it out:

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

2 KL!!!

I got to hang out with Katie one night, which unfortunately doesn't happen nearly enough!! She made me try Guitar Hero, and I have to say it was fun!! I think I could give Michael a run for his money!!=)
(I have to thank Katie's husband Kyle for his amazing photography!!)

Girls Trip to the Ozarks!

Erica, Me, Mom, Roxanne, Katie, and Liz
We all took a "Girls Trip" to the Ozarks to enjoy good company and lots of shopping!! We stayed at a resort that Katie found. It was amazing!! We had two suites RIGHT on the lake!! The trees were all turning colors...it was just a beautiful sight! We played games, went out to dinner, tried to get Erica to scale the fireplace;). It was so nice to just get away for a couple days...
We had to stop at the Ozarkland store on the way home so Erica could get a t-shirt. While we were wondering around we happend upon some interesting apperal...actually it was pretty disgusting...I'm not even sure what animals were on us!!?

Friday, November 9, 2007

Halloween Costumes!!

Here are some of my favorite Halloween costumes....

Brady the Little Lion!!!
Elle Woods(Legally Blonde), Victoria Beckham, 50's Girl, Cowgirl, Pregnant Hooters girl, and best of all....UGLY BETTY!!