Monday, May 25, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This is my "i love running face" my "I love feeling like I'm going to die for 4 miles face". Tonight I went for a run with my dad and he killed me! Now of course I didn't let him in on that. Every time he asked how I was doing I would respond, "just great I could run all day!!" Honestly it wasn't that bad, I did do better then I thought I would do after eating a plate of spaghetti...but i was very impressed with my dear old dad! He did great! The man can run!

finally a new post!

I know these are STILL not the pictures of our trip to Utah, but those are saved on my computer and that is not hooked up yet. This is what we have, my birthday dinner and our ribbon cutting at Treo.

My birthday was last Thursday. It was pretty uneventful to say the least. We closed on our house the next day so I spent my birthday cleaning and packing up odds and ends. Kind of a sad day too. Mike and I just sat up in our house and reminisce about all the fun....and sad things that happened there. We feel good about the move now, we know it is such a blessing the way things have all worked out for us.

Anyway, we did all go out to dinner that night at a totally cute old diner. It is called Crown Candy Kitchen in St. Louis. It is an old diner straight from the 1950's...LOVED IT! It had old pictures, an old phone booth and the best homemade ice cream!! Its not in the best part of town, but if you go during the day your good!

It was also my parents 26th wedding anniversary.....WAY TO GO JOHN AND TERESA!!

So today was our ribbon cutting at Treo. Friends and family came, the Chamber of Commerce was there. They had a band and good food, it was quite the party!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We have sold our house!! We close on May we have been busy packing things away! I know I have still need to post some pictures from Utah (for Jessica's sake...I have some cute ones of Brady!) I guess that will just have to wait until we get settled!! Wish us luck!