Thursday, May 19, 2011

happiness in springtime

{B's "stinkface"...cracks us up..her too, right after this she laughs knowing it makes us laugh!!}

Springtime has been in the making here where we live for quite some time now and we have sooo been enjoying it! We have had B's first birthday, my birthday, family visits, and are currently getting ready to hit up 3 states in 3 weeks!! We fly out to Utah next week and are so excited!! My little brother is marrying this little beauty!!Isn't this a great picture???!! So there will be much fun awaiting us in Salt Lake City!! My family rented a house close to the city, due to all the kiddo's and their naps, etc. ...Well, it just so happens Mike's family will be out there the same time visiting his sister who lives in southern Utah so they are coming up for all the wedding festivities and rented a house in same neighborhood we will be staying in! How awesome it that?! So we have a lot of fun and exciting things coming our way! Now back to my little sewing projects I've been working on...I'll be sure to post some pics! They are too cute not to share!!: )

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

one year!!!!

A.... L O T of pics!!! But fun to go back over some moments of my girls first year!! She is walking and "talking" all the time now! She makes us laugh everyday! We love her so!