Thursday, March 26, 2009


SO- the new salon is called Salon Treo. There are 8 girls from Robert Clark that will be working there. It is going to be awesome!! This week has been NUTS!! I've been making house calls to some clients that had appointments this week, and luckily my other clients have agreed to be patient and wait until we get into the new salon. I have great clients! Michael and I are planning to move into the E-ville/Glen Carbon area (but...not out of our ward). We did have a contract on the house, but it ended up falling through. I know everything happens for a reason so I am totally OK with that. So anyway that is the update! It has been an exciting week filled with lots of life experiences!!!=)

Monday, March 23, 2009

There are so many things changing in my life right now definitely for the better. I have just left my job of five years to move on to something new and exciting. It is scary and unknown, but I know it is the right decision. My new salon is going to be beautiful! Mike and I are in the middle of selling our house. Boy- is that stressful! Tonight we had our first offer so we will see where that takes us. Change is sad and it is not something I am very fond of. I will miss my job and some of the people I would see on a daily basis. They have watched me grow from my first haircut to today. I will miss my house. Michael and I weren't even married a year when we bought it. Just two young kids (not that we are that old now...). I remember when we first moved in we would sit in out back yard looking at our house and say," Can you believe we own that?!" I am so proud of our accomplishments, hard work pays off!
One thing will always stay the same and that is CHANGE.

Monday, March 16, 2009

madelyn turns 1

We all got together this past Saturday at the David's house to celebrate Little Miss Madelyn's 1st birthday. As you can see....she enjoyed herself!

this was just before she gave herself an "icing shampoo"=)

Olivia all tuckered out from the excitement of the day...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who is your best friend????

I saw this tag on one of my friends blog. I thought it was cute, and since my best friend just had a baby I appropriate. You post your three favorite pics of the two of you and tell how you both met. So here we go!!
Katie & Lauren
We met in our 6th grade math class. I had just moved here and it was my very first day of school. Our teacher sat us together in groups and Katie was in my group. Some how I didn't have any paper with me (that's great for the first day of school, huh?) So Katie gave me some of her paper, and I know it is corny, but I knew right away she was going to be my best friend!! Well, she was and is still to this day! Here is to another 13 years!!

And this picture just make me miss her.....;)

So....Erica, Jessica, Hollie...Tell us about your best friends....


Katie and I took Olivia on her first outing! We had lunch and then hit up Target...afterwards they hung out at our house for a bit and Uncle Mike got to met Olivia for the first time! She is the cutest!

Monday, March 9, 2009

here it comes....

SpRiNg....It is on it's way!