Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Crazy October!!

Well, already I'm doing a horrible job at keeping up with this! This has been such a crazy month for us. In the beginning of this month our car got broken into! We only have had it for 21/2 months!! Some punk tried prying the widow open and shattered the entire passenger window! Glass was everywhere. Oh, and it was done in the middle of the afternoon while I was at work! With my job its had to fit in any surprises during the day because of such a tight schedule. The police came out and suspected that they were trying to steal the navigation system out of the dash board?? I don't know, but it mad me sooo mad!! We got the window fixed the next day, but the thief bent the window rim! JERK!!! Oh well, I guess better that then stealing the whole car! Today is Halloween and I love seeing all the kids dressed up in costumes! Here where we live there is a huge parade on Halloween night so everybody trick-or-treats the night before. The kids love it because they get two nights of candy! I have to ride in the parade with my cheerleading girls so I'll get to see ALL the cute costumes! Oh! Zoe is going to be a angel this year!! She is so cute! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our poor car that got broken into....=(

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Our Trip to Arkansas

Everytime we go visit my cousin David and his family in Arkansas we stop by Lambert's "Home of the Thrown Rolls" we had so much fun this time with my family in from Maryland, rolls were flying everywhere!(If your wondering why Mike isn't in any of these pictures, he had to work...)
My family at Lambert's
(my grandma must have been telling Jessica something VERY important!!)
Baby Jackson...sooo cute!

Me and my cousin Samantha!


My cousin is only 45min. away from Memphis, so on our trip to see him we HAD to take my Grandma to Graceland! She was so happy when we got there she cried! I have to say when I left there I had a new found interest in Elvis Presley...I'm a total fan!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


So much has gone on this year already its hard to re-cap! My side of the family just welcomed the first grandchild...Brady John Gray! We are all crazy about him!