Monday, October 11, 2010

we are here!

{our trip to Nauvoo}

And all moved in! I'm trying to catch up here so there are a lot of pictures! Before we left we went a little weekend trip to Nauvoo with my family. I had been wanting to see the show up there forever! We had a great time!
We also had a going away party. It was so nice to see everyone one last time before we left. Unfortunately the only pictures I have from that is while we were cleaning up
{aren't those flowers awesome?? We picked them off the side of the road!! Pretty and free!}
We are loving our new home and really liking it here is this cute little town...M is doing great at work so all is well!! We have been keeping very busy! Today B and I went to a storybook time and the children's library. It was so cute watching her watch all the little kids! They sang songs, played with toys, read some stories about fall and they even got to play some instruments....I loved it and think that it will become a regular Monday outing! So that's about it...I'll be posting some soon of our new house!
{our flowers at our going away party}

{B's first taste of solid food: )}

{Round Rock doughnuts...soooo good!}

Here are some pictures of our latest outing to the pumpkin patch...