Saturday, September 4, 2010


SO still no sister came in in a clutch! She had borrowed my camera when her friend came into town. She tried just downloading her own pics taken over the visit but for some reason her computer made her download ALL the pics! I didn't get the pics from the fair but at least I my pictures of my favorite girl!! I could care less about the hundreds of dollars wasted on cameras...At least I have my memories!!: ) You better believe these babies are getting printed RIGHT AWAY!! With fall in the air is a perfect time to share some of our favorite moments of summer!

i cant believe...

I can not find my second camera. A few weeks back my friends and I went to the State Fair. I have a bad feeling that between all the craziness of going with 6 kids and 9 adults the camera was sat somewhere and left....this makes me sad and crazy trying to figure out what pictures were on the camera that had not yet been downloaded. Every minute of B's life is so special to me and it puts a pit in my stomach to think some of those moments are lost.....I'm sooo hoping it pops up somewhere!!! In the meantime I came across this picture It's of my mom and her brothers. I need to get organized with this stuff {a little hard when you are living out of a suitcase...} These pictures are so treasured! I can't wait to dress B up like this someday! How cute are my mom and uncle's? I l o v e their style!!